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Leather Satchel Bag

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Leather Satchel Bag

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  • Leather Doctor Medicine Bag J267 Black

  • Leather Doctor Medicine Bag J267 Brown

  • Leather Messenger Bag J190 Black

  • Leather Messenger Bag J190 Brown

  • Leather Messenger Bag J190 Natural

  • Leather Messenger Bag J190 Tan

  • Leather Messenger Bag J400 Black

  • Leather Messenger Bag J400 Brown

  • Leather Messenger Bag J400 Natural

  • Leather Messenger Bag J400 Tan


Almost everyone wants to have some or at least one item of daily use – a bag, a belt, a wallet, a briefcase – that will be durable, robust, and at the same universally beautiful and becoming of sentimental value over the years. Articles made of leather have exceptional durability and timeless beauty. Properly nurtured and preserved leather can serve its users for decades while maintaining its good appearance and functionality. A leather bag is an accessory that is carried by almost everyone today – women, men, youth, children. Equipped with various types of appliances we need the proper accessory for the safe transport of our belongings. A leather bag means sustainability at its best, which guarantees comfort of use. A leather bag from COVOY’s offer means class and the highest quality of hand finish. There are items that we grow particularly accustomed to and which become an integral part of our everyday lives. Seemingly simple, yet so important.

One of them is the wallet – be it a leather, textile or plastic wallet – we usually do not leave the house without it. It is worth remembering that the key to selecting the right purse is not only its volume or convenience, but also durability. Therefore, it is worth going for the product of the highest quality – COVOY’s leather wallet which not only has great usability features, but will also be an elegant accessory to your wardrobe.

A leather satchel is a must for people who work with documents in the traditional or electronic form. Durability and reliability of leather ensure the safety of the transferred content – papers or a laptop computer. The aesthetic, elegant, high-quality leather satchel from COVOY’s offer is a real classic – it will serve its owner for many years, resisting the whims of prevailing fashions. Every photographer knows – professional or amateur – a strong, reliable camera strap secures equipment carried on the shoulder or around the neck from an uncontrolled fall. A leather camera strap from COVOY is not only strength and durability of the material, but also the highest quality of make.


Messenger? Satchel? Guide what is best for you.

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Leather Care

Leather care

What is Vegetable Tanned Leather? Vegetable tanning is the traditional method of tanning. Tanneries take tannins from tree barks – typically chestnut, mimosa, and quebracho, and combine them in proprietary recipes to turn hides into gorgeous leather. The ingredients make vegetable tanned leather smell naturally and differently with variations of colors. The Aging Process Over …

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